Busy brain

Your brain can sometimes be more active when your asleep than when your awake

M n'Ms

M n'Ms were first made so that people could send chocolate to others in the military easily! And they were a success! 


Americans eat 1.2 billion pounds of crisps each year- thats more than 10 times the weight of Egypts great pyramids.

Tea please

The worlds most expensive tea bag had 280 diamonds on it and cost about $14,000! What is the point in that, it would still taste like tea and then afterwards your left with a soggy brown bag of diamonds, and would you even use it!
p.s, i'm not sure if this was the actual tea bag ->


If you kept growing as fast as an average baby, you would weigh 413,300 pounds by the age of 10!


A zeptosecond is one-billionth of a trillionth of a second.

Muddy pigs

You'll be suprised to know that a lot of pigs don't actually like mud! One lady put wellington bots from a doll on her pig  when she noticed it wouldn't go near the stuff.

Eiffel Tower

On sunny days, the eiffel tower leans slightly towards its shadow. It's to do with the expansion of the metal from the heat of the sun on one side of the tower.
But don't worry, it's not going to fall over anytime soon.


Parachutes were invented before aeroplanes. What were they planning to do with them?